10 Center St, Folly Beach, SC 29439

Restaurant / Bar

10 Center St,
Folly Beach, SC 29439 

Size & Layout: This remarkable restaurant boasts an expansive and open floor plan, encompassing a generous 5,000 square feet of combined interior and exterior space. Within this space, the interior dining area and back patio can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests, providing ample room for patrons to enjoy their meals in a welcoming and spacious setting. Additionally, the rooftop patio offers seating for approximately 45 guests, creating an inviting outdoor dining experience with scenic views, enhancing the overall dining ambiance. With such versatility, this restaurant provides a spacious and flexible dining environment that can cater to a diverse clientele.

Restaurant Info:

Buyout Price (Lease and FF&E): $2.6 Million

·       Parking Spaces: For the convenience of both staff and patrons, the property offers 5 parking spaces along with ample off-street parking options, ensuring easy accessibility.

Monthly Expenses:

·       Monthly Rent: The monthly estimated rent rate is at $21,342.00, a competitive rate. This amount is all-inclusive and covers property taxes, insurance, and Common Area Maintenance (CAM).

Lease Information:

·       Years Left: With 8 years remaining on the lease, you have substantial time to continue building and growing your business while enjoying the stability of a long-term lease.

·       Lease End Date: The current lease extends until June 30, 2031, providing you with both security and peace of mind.

·       Renewal Options: The lease includes three 5-year renewal options, 4% annual increase.

Folly Beach is among one of the must-visit beaches in the South! Restaurant is nestled in the heart of Folly Beach, SC. The restaurant's strategic proximity to the beach and its central location make it a prime destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience in this coastal paradise. By becoming a part of the Folly Beach allure, you have the opportunity to create a restaurant legacy that captures the essence of this cherished beach destination.


Contact: Mike Santos (843) 343-4909